13 Responses to “I enjoy pooping in copy machines”

  1. Mariann Buonadonna

    Dachshunds are highly intelligent problem solvers but perhaps a bit technically challenged. I’m guessing she though you could copy and e mail her next stool sample to the vets office. She was really just trying to keep you from having to make time in your busy day to carry doo-doo in a zip lock bag. She’s a giver!

  2. Leslin

    I feel for you, mum!Don’t wanna imagine the cleanup you had to do!! But that’s such a cuute little offender! 😀

  3. Ronnie

    The mind just boggles at how a dachshund puppy can reach and poop in a copier tray!! My copier is on the floor, since I don’t have a desk right now. But my doxie would never poop in the paper tray. In fact, he’s never pooped anywhere but outdoors…or inside the apartment when I don’t get him out in time. Always on the grass or floor..this little guy is so cute, though, I’d forgive him!!


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