11 Responses to “I like to bark at nothing”

  1. Kathy

    LOL- I think your cousin is in my pack. He looks much like you but he does his barking outside so his humans have to go out there and see whats going on. Of course he’s 16 and mostly blind so his humans beg and mostly get the forgiveness of the neighbors 🙂

  2. Kathy

    Before y’all start hating- he doesn’t live outside! He goes out, pees, poops, then barks.. in that order. Then we go out and bring him back in the house.

  3. Lizzys Mum Kazz

    Maybe he isnt barking at nothing…….maybe you have a visitor and you dont know it! … MAYBEEEE he is working on his 6th sense??? *giggles* dont worry..its me who has watched too many horror films LOL 😛 He is just adorable…forgive him for being over zealous 🙂

  4. Stan

    It’s in the Official Dog Handbook, barking at nothing. Really!!

    My dog does this — and takes it SO SO SO very seriously that he saves the barking at nothing for, like 2:00 AM.

    PS Extra bonus points, according to the Official Dog Handbook, if barking at nothing is combined with the hair standing up on the back of the dog’s neck AND growling menacingly at the nothing. Especially at 2:00 AM!!

  5. Nay

    Sorry, this just made me laugh out loud! Annoying for humans but funny just the same.

  6. Ann Y.

    One of my dogs does the same thing and when he does, he gets the other one involved. Therefore, I have 2 loud barking dogs, especially at night. Love them anyway!

  7. mb

    My little dog would be in the house barking at nothing and that would cause the bigger dog to run to the window to look outside to see what was going on! haha!

  8. becky

    Glad to see there are so many of us ! BUT 2 of my barkers are chihuahuas “Yap Yap Tap” Cavi “Bark Bark Bark” & a pug that barks like a train “Whooooo Whooooo Whoooo” never a dull moment…

  9. Kim

    Ha! My Bernese Mtn Dog did the same thing! I determined he just thought barking was fun.


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