10 Responses to “I was framed by the neighbor’s cats”

  1. JULIA

    i believe him, it was the cats. i just know it was. cats are sneaky like that…..what a cutie

  2. liz

    It WAS the cats. Cats are FAMOUS for pooping on beds. How DARE they accuse me? Yes, revenge is a dish best served cold…..

  3. Melanie

    I believe the dog………..cats are conniving….I know..because my cats used to get my dog in trouble all the time!!

  4. Nay

    I believe you Yggam, many wouldn’t. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold to the sound of squealing cats!

  5. Sassafras

    Cat poop is the best……mighty funny you did not inhale it……..I think you are trying to hog all the attention.

  6. Arresq

    This is getting a little gross. (The comments). Yggam, I’ll defend you pro bono!


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