11 Responses to “Ike has a confession to make…”

  1. Margo

    OMG, that’s my dog! and they look so similar! Sorry for your pain, and hey, Ike, lay off!!!

  2. stars15k

    Ike should not feel bad…my Jack Russell mix Lucy, a GIRL,does the same thing. Such a handsome, proud face! He is lovely.

  3. Stressfactor

    He’s got such a sweet face! I want to skritch his jowls.

    Often ‘humping’ like that is a dominance thing. Ike’s basically saying “This is mine, and that’s mine, and you’re mine and all y’all are mine!”

    A little gentle reminder of who is in charge should settle the issue (I had to do the same with my Rat Terrier. In her case though all it took was a couple of times of me folding my arms across my chest and turning my back on her for her to get the message. She hasn’t done it since.)


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