14 Responses to “It just exploded”

    • JS

      I love the Costco beds – the covers last forever, wash up nice and they are very stylish. I have had some of my Costco covers for 8 years now and they still look great. My new beagle happens to be allergic to the cedar that is in the Costco beds, so i just made new insides with fiberfill only so I can still use the covers – it has worked great and all of her A-topic dermatitis has gone away 🙂

  1. Marie McKendrick

    that’s one of the worst explosions I’ve seen – demolition dogs 🙂

  2. Ed

    I’m totally with you – they should have warning tag saying explosions are possible.

  3. krissy

    awwww jack! I think that you and my black lab ‘Teddy Bear’ must some how be related! his beds explode too! so far I have bought him close to 10 different types of beds.. and he has made allll of them explode everywhere! i even stuck an old couch out the back for him to lay on when I am not home lol that lasted 2 days before he ripped the padding off it .. right down to the springs! and yes teddy is walked twice a day.. he is not an outdoor dog.. but he still likes to destroy his beds.

  4. Doug L

    I just to make one correction .. “That is actually 2 dog beds.” .. That WAS 2 dog beds .. hehe

    Poor guy will now have to sleep on the bed with his/her owners .. hehe


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