5 Responses to “JAIL BREAK!”

  1. sporadicblogger

    Such an absolute cutie! I want to give her a belly rub and cuddle with her.

  2. Romeo's Mommy

    When we got our black Lab mix Romeo, the pet rescue people warned us of his separation anxiety and told us, “No matter what you do, do NOT crate this dog!” I even warned our vet when Romey had to have some surgery, and they put him in a kennel “room” rather than a crate for his recovery period.

    Fortunately, he’s not a chewer and he’s housebroken (advantage of adopting an adult versus a puppy!), so we’re safe to leave him on the couch when we leave the house!

  3. Karin

    Have you tried a Thundershirt? These work well for separation anxiety. Hopefully Lady Bug makes peace with her crate.

  4. Bleu

    She’s a cutie. 🙂 Bleu had separation anxiety when I first got him and he did this very thing to his crate. I stopped putting him in it because I was afraid he’d hurt himself trying to get out. Instead I used gates and closed doors to keep him out of where I didn’t want him and kept things I didn’t want chewed out of his reach.


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