5 Responses to “Jozie likes ponds, but not getting wet.”

  1. Sandy Briscoe

    Poor Jozie, My name is Luke and I am a Chocolate lab. I like to run from my mom and dad and then go to my nice neighbors bond to cool off. (I was just keeping the frogs company) roof roof!!

  2. Daydreamer2u

    That’s especially funny to me because I had an Afghan Hound named Bunny that thought our pond was a continuation of the lawn (the green duck weed that covered the surface of the pond was similar in color) and ran right into it. Removing duck weed from long fur = NOT fun!!!

  3. aila

    my lab goes in the pond ALL the time, I yell NO and he acts deaf, then he comes out and shakes on me, then I have to give him a bath, which he hates, he’s got to know that’s the result of a pond swim, but try to keep a lab out of the water


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