16 Responses to “Lulu, the biter”

  1. Stan

    You can buy Lulu a special dog “teething toy” — like one for a human baby (you can freeze it and everything!) but bigger.

    Plan B is a black (extra-tuff) Kong toy – while its not indestructible (as advertised) it does come with a money back guarantee!!

    • Sandie

      I don’t think trying a human teething ring is a good idea. The puppies teeth r very sharp an could puncture it an who knows what that gel is made of.

  2. Marsha

    It is normal to chew on thing when teething. Just give them something else like a squeaky toy,or rawhide free chew like Smart Bones. My little guy love’s them.

  3. Leslin

    awwww what a sweetheart!!!! My dog always used me as her personal “ragdoll” when she was a baby.. she’s 3 now, and still does (although thankfully not as much as back then!) 😀

  4. Jillian

    The best trick for when they bite your hand is to yelp like a hurt puppy. This is how pups let each other know when it’s too hard and to stop. This can be a little embarrassing in front of other people though 🙂

  5. German Chocolate Betty

    Awwww, too cute! Such a precious baby!! But she”s not a biter, she’s a chewer. Big difference!!

    Just make sure she has lots of toys to chew on (good selection, dogs get bored) and you
    will have little trouble with her chewing on the stuff you don’t want her too!

  6. Harvey Schwelke

    Yelping like a puppy is definitely the most effective. Our doxie was a terror with nipping and is totally cured now. Just make sure you’re really dramatic about it. Think howl not just little yip…the more you play it up the more effective


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