8 Responses to “Mesha’s backfire.”

  1. Lorraine Davis

    Reminds me of the old woman who go’s to her Dr. and tells him she has a problem with silent gas emissions. She tells him that even in his office she’s had several and wants to get this taken care of, what should she do? Her Dr. replies “Well Mrs. Jones the first thing we’re going to do is check your hearing”.
    So at least your dog’s hearing is still good….

  2. Tiffany

    That happens to my dog too but she doesn’t bark. She looks at her but in shock and awe.

    • dreeby

      haha so does my buddy’s dog :D. though that dog gets even more scared, runs off and tries to hide. from his own butt.

  3. MsKat

    ROFL at ‘backfire’! Had a farty dog like that, he would fart (silently) and after a few seconds he would flee from it, looking back at his humans as he fled…did he think we did it? Was he worried we would be mad somehow? Never knew…

  4. JULIA

    my dog max runs from my farts… lol. he’s never fart that i know of, he belches a lot though.

  5. Anni Bjerke

    Our dog farts toxic clouds of death ONLY when we give him rawhide. No more rawhide for Paco! We have had our eyelashes and nose hairs singed one too many times.

  6. Lisa

    When our 1 year old bullmastiff was a young puppy, she would fart and look at her behind. Now she regularly farts as she’s climbing onto the couch. She’s also quite fond of sticking her nose in your butt when you fart!


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