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  1. Donna

    We had a tag on the collar, it said
    “If you can read this tag, I am a bad
    dog” Please call my Mom XXX-XXX-XXXX
    I would always wonder what the dog
    thought when I got a call and picked him.
    (How does she find me every time?)

      • Amanda

        My spade, diabetic, blind Siberian husky would still go for strolls around the neighborhood. They are fabulous dogs but they are very crafty and have a drive to explore (with or without their owners)

  2. Stan

    You can buy a GPS tag keychain (so that you can locate your keys using a “find my iphone”-like app. Get one, attach it to your bad dog’s collar — and you’ll be able to locate him using said app!!

  3. Erika

    Huskies are known escape artists!!! My rescue Siberian has houdini’d her way out of closed crates, dug underneath fences, and taken 2 hour romps in the swampy woods at my parents house when she jumped over their fenced in pool deck. The other morning she opened our front gate to visit the husky next door. She’s lucky she’s cute!

  4. KM

    Funny. My dog *would* wander away if he got the chance, that’s his nature….but he doesn’t get the chance….it’s our responsibility to make sure our dogs behave. Not bad dog…draw your own conclusion. I would be very upset if my dog got hit by a car or stolen, he means that much to me….I won’t let it happen.

    • Melissa Haylock

      The thing with huskies is that they will find a way to escape! They can get out of places that their nose shouldn’t it through, let alone anything bigger! They have been known to open locked doors and unlatch gates, and climb 6 ft fences. Mine watched us, and figured out how to use his nose to manoeuvre the lock to his pen – in the space of 10 days. Our other dog hadn’t done it in 4 years.

  5. leanna

    I used to live in a small town…..the neighbourhood husky “Hobo” would wander all over. Everyone knew him, he was the friendliest guy. Always went home too. I am not supporting letting your dogs run wild as it is unsafe…but sometimes they just get away no matter what we do. He was the sweetest.


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