12 Responses to “Sofa Spot Stealer”

  1. Andrea

    My dog does the exact same thing. She steals my place when I get up. And, I also cover my sofa with a sheet. And, my dog also has spots! Wow… so much in common.

    • Jessica Macchiarelli

      my best friend’s dog does that to me all the time. just me. Every time I go to sit down on any sofa, he jumps up and sits down behind me as I am in process of bending and placing rump to seat. It’s his way of saying I’ll sit with you and you can pet me and love me and give me food. lol 🙂

  2. c reeves

    Our dogs do the same on the couch plus if you dare get outta bed during the night, can pretty much bet they will go steal your pillow and/or spot.

  3. george

    Hey, nice warm spot! Smells like mommy or daddy, bonus!!

    Mine does this too, but only in thus bed at night. Like, captivive audience…..

  4. Allison

    this may a shot in the dark, but does she have a big black spot on her backside near her rear? She looks exactly like the dog my family had before we gave her up!


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