7 Responses to “Swimaway Dog”

  1. bluejuliej

    My dad’s dog does this at the cottage – his pup is a lab, and the only way to get her back is to get a canoe, get another person and attempt to wrestle the pup into the canoe (and stop her from jumping out til you get to shore).

  2. Claudette

    Had to put a rope to our dog’s collar in his later years,as he was blind and nearly deaf.We would tug on the rope then he would turn around and head for shore.He so enjoyed the water, poor old guy!

  3. Karen Brown

    He needs a doggie companion to come home to – His dog Friday. (Sometime humans just aren’t enough.)

  4. the other ghost girl

    he just wants to go exploring, just like christwoofer collieumbus


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