11 Responses to “Thank You Mom. May I Have Another?”

  1. Denise Weldon

    Have you tried getting big knuckle bones from your butcher? They are usually free and take a lot longer to eat.

  2. Dory Forman

    I have a weim. I get bones from the butcher too. I would gladly pay a million dollars for them because for those 15 minutes i know he is not causing problems 🙂

  3. chrissy

    I have a weim too, she also eats the whole thing with in 15 min. But in those 15 min I know she’s actually laying down and focused on something and not jumping on everything. He’s very beautiful!!

  4. Janet C

    He is beautiful. I know all about the cost of dog treats and they are wonderful creatures and deserve them…….most of the time. This dog is innocent looking and I bet his mom will go shopping for more bones

  5. Janet

    There is nothing like giving your pet a treat that you know makes them happy! Your Weim. has a beautiful expression.


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