17 Responses to “The Green-Pawed Puppies”

  1. Carla

    I laughed. I feel bad for you… I’m sorry… but I laughed. Poor parents. But they’re soo cute.

    • Patti Lundgren

      Oh, dear! I laughed, too. I second Carla’s sentiments.
      And yet, considering my “purple thumb”, you guys still came out ahead! 🙂

  2. Stan

    My basset hound eats each and every raspberry that grows in my garden! Pre-dog ownership: 1 great big bowl of raspberries for breakfast every morning in June/July for human consumption! Post-dog ownership: 2 raspberries ALL SUMMER available for human consumption!

  3. plush1971

    they were trying to help. i am so sorry but they are so cute. cant stay mad at them.

  4. leanna

    oh my gosh…this post made my day 🙂 how adorable they are tho….. I am sorry about your garden.

  5. Leslin

    OUCH! That’s got to hurt– your feelings.. 😀 cute offenders they are, though! 😛

  6. Silvian

    I am so sorry for you, it must have been very frustrated, but…. it made me laugh really hard.


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