15 Responses to “Watson and his tennis balls”

  1. jsmithwc

    My cavalier does the same thing. Except he then tries to fetch them himself when I don’t fetch fast enough and gets himself stuck under the couch.

  2. stars15k

    Easy fix. Stain or paint a piece of wood and put it in front of the legs, all the way across. He can’t do it if the ball can’t get under there. My son did this; it looks nice and keeps the toys (both dog and kid) where they can’t be lost.

    • rynanne

      We did that too! Worked great until they decided they could drop them behind the couch from the top. lol

  3. Pj

    I feel your pain. I have a yardstick tucked under rug in front is sfa so I can “scrape” the ball out. Over and over . . . .

  4. Michelle

    My corgi does this ALL the time and I felt so alone until I read your post! Thank you!!


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