8 Responses to “Well timed belch”

  1. Diane

    I am pretty sure belching is part of the language used by dogs. It can’t be coincidence that my dog often lets a good burp go when he is looking deep into my eyes, enjoying scratches behind the ears. In fact, I don’t really hear him belch that much other than in my face…

  2. Silvian

    My sheltie does the same. Looks up at me, and let’s it out shamelessly.

  3. Dee

    My little Lola (a chihuahua mix) does the same thing. She’s a pistol, but love her anyway.

  4. David

    In some human cultures and likely the dog one as well, this is a tribute to the chef for the cooking. Either that or the dogs have a sense of humor on par with your average 12 year old human boy.

  5. Jennifer

    I have had 8 collies and now have 2 shelties – they ALL have done that. Long ago I decided to take is as an expression of love, so now after receiving a face full of dog burp, I just answer “I love you too!”


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