16 Responses to “Why can’t I have a pet toad?”

    • Elle

      Porky & Petunia Pug? Best Pug names ever. Cant stop giggling about it πŸ™‚

  1. Jennifer

    I have a Sprocker (Springer x Cocker) that regularly finds baby bunnies (sometimes still hairless!) and brings them in the house (unscathed) to hide under the coffee table. My spaniel wants a pet
    bunny in the WORST way.. All I can think of is the Bugs Bunny routine “I will call him George, and I will love him, and hug him, and…” πŸ˜‰

  2. Nessa

    The idea of what must have been going through that toad’s mind is cracking me up! (On a side note, our cat once brought home a live mouse and dropped it on b/f’s pillow in the middle of the night.)

  3. Pam

    My dog has made friends with the toad that has taken up residents on our patio/deck. We’ve named the toad Jabba.

  4. Deanna

    That’s hilarious! Mine tries to smuggle in turds. I can always tell she has one,by the way she looks at me and how shes holding her mouth. They are worse than little kids!

  5. Danya

    OMG Porky looks just like my TRULI – tooth and all – brindles are so rare.. may I ask where you got him ? I wonder if we have doggie siblings

    • Monica

      Porky came from a breeder in Walker, West Virginia, named Denise. She has kept close tabs on him via facebook his whole life and continues to share his pics, etc. His pug momma is named Black Dahlia and his pug daddy is Baron Von Brindle. I keep in contact with a friend in Chicago who has one of Porky’s half siblings, a little girl named Angel.

  6. Tara

    That is hilarious!! Dogs are so funny – my Husky picked up a stunned bird in her mouth and we had no idea until 1) She tried to bark with her mouth closed (mmFFFffff), and 2) we heard the peeping bird coming from her!

  7. Boo

    I have poisonous toads in my yard. My dogs have never messed with them, although they see them hopping around all the time…until…I had a group of 5 foster puppies who followed my dog around like, well, puppies. He decides to show off for them and licks one of the toads. Poor guy was frothing at the mouth and rubbing his face. I had to rinse it out with the garden hose.


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