9 Responses to “Will work for treats”

  1. TMG

    I have this exact dog. He acts like he is stone deaf until I say “treat” – he’s got me completely trained.

  2. Nicole

    Our beagle Napoleon also suffers from selective deafness which is miraculously cured at the mere mention of food!!

  3. Anna

    This dog looks almost exactly like mine I got so confused when I saw it. I thought ‘Hey I don’t remember putting my dog on here’ though I know I’ve thought about it. Such a cute dog.

  4. Rosaura

    Maybe her name is “treat” and you don´t know it, shame on her? Shame on you! LOL

  5. Rave

    This behavior transcends species. My hamster rushes out of his bed whenever he hears anyone nearby his cage simply because he thinks there’s going to be food. 😀

  6. Cupcakeater

    What kind of dog is that,my dog has that face but not the body,we know she is a mix but a mix of what?????


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