5 Responses to “A little wee accident at work.”

  1. BEKinFL

    What a face and bless you for adopting an adult dog! My dog did similar once. We were at a luncheon for the dog therapy group and I was petting another therapy dog so mine lifted his leg on me. I suppose he was making a point about ownership. 🙂

  2. mea culpa

    for about thirty seconds I thought I somehow missed a dog in my office… we have that same carpet…

  3. KrisB

    Love the blank stare of the guilty dog. Escape to some happy place in your mind, poochie, instead of focusing on being shamed!

  4. Janet

    She looks so sweet – probably had to go and didn’t know where the door was. I work where people can bring dogs in, and they are known to act in ways that surprise their owners. At least she didn’t throw up on you right before a big meeting like someone I know had happen to her at work.


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