20 Responses to “Avery the formerly-hairy dog”

  1. Pat

    We have a cocker spaniel, and she feels the same way about brushing and combing. I’m sure she’d be very pretty with that full cocker cut, the fluffy legs and the flouncy “skirt”, but we’ll never know because we do the same thing, shave her down

  2. madisonpage

    She thinks, “What the hell?!! Now I have to worry about sunburn and skin cancer!!!” UGH! We almost did with one of our princess mutt but she stopped. The sweet talk and fav treats come in handy 🙂

  3. MichyM

    I have a shih tzu with the same issue. I always get a ‘lamb’ cut and she looks super adorable and I don’t have to worry about her fur getting matted. You should give it a try next time you take her to get groomed.

  4. Debbie

    i’m thankful I don’t mind being combed, lol, i’d hate to be naked. Her little face is too cute

  5. Magnus

    Both my furbutts don’t quite appreciate any type of grooming but puts up with it since I give them treats from start to finish.

    madisonpage: Do you know what mix your furbutt is? At first glance, she looks a lot like my Magnus. I think he’s a yorkie/silky mix…

    • madisonpage

      That is actually our first dog and rescue, Einstein Napoleon. who passed away this January. We have been told he was a mix of Silk Yorkie and Schnauzer. The princess mutt is our second rescue. She is still with us. It must be her 9 live princess DNA 🙂

  6. Arthur

    We had a cat that hated being combed. It got combed anyway. A three man job, one man at the front with builder’s gloves to protect from scratches and bites, one at the rear with rubber gloves!!! She howled the house down, but her coat was nice.

  7. Romeo's Mommy

    My mother gave me the same treatment as a child… I have naturally curly hair that she didn’t want to deal with, so I looked like a boy until I was 10yo and big enough to fight back at the hair salon!

    For folks going through this issue, might I recommend the Tangle Teezer brush? You can buy it on ebay or at Sally Beauty Supply (it’s a human brush), and it DOES NOT HURT even the most tangled hair.

  8. dogsleder

    We had a Lhasa with the same predicament. Sometimes we’d use mustache wax on his face to keep hair out of his mouth & eyes. Poor Pookie. He looked pretty funny, but it worked. He did need to be shaved down on the rest of his body tho. Just be careful that Avery doesn’t get too much sun with all that exposed skin! Maybe a little lightweight coat when she goes outside? That’s what we needed to do for the Pookster. <3


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