13 Responses to “Birdsicle anyone?”

  1. Linda

    Now, THAT is funny… what a character! You can tell just by looking at her, she’s got personality!

  2. Shannon Alexander

    I too have a Basia (GSD Mix) never saw a dog with the same name…love it!

  3. Rocky

    WOW. She’s a beauty though. I have to sit my stuff in the microwave to defrost, my cats are slick

  4. Jan Moore (@janmoore113)

    My weimy Tally, during his (surprisingly!) long life of 14 years, consumed a whole Thornton’s big nougat ‘cake’, full of continental chocolates (some with tin foil); which I’d hidden in the bottom of the ironing basket whilst collecting my son from school; also half of a huge Xmas Gammon, complete with cloves, cherries and brown sugar glaze, which had taken me hours to prepare!! He was duly sent to his bed to have a word with himself! I only let him out over an hour later, when he promptly drank his whole water bowl dry, then was copiously sick all over the kitchen floor…of course! the salty meat!!! Another time I recall chasing him around a football pitch, trying to wrestle a very dead magpie from his mouth, ugh!!! Poor naughty Tally, we did love him tho!

  5. Sharon shook

    I have 3 weims. Nothing is sacred. Last week I caught my 15 year old leaning on the counter hitting the counter over and over till the bread bag fell off the toaster and she could snatch it.

  6. Joy Gomulka

    We lost our precious Weimer, Bentley last Sept. he would crane his neck up over the counters and it was fair game for him, nothing was sacred, he ate Dove chocolates in the foil, we would have to put the kitchen garbage can in the garage otherwise he’d help himself and had to put a slide lock on the pantry door or he’d find a bag of chips, what a stinker, but I sure do miss him !!!!!

  7. Remy's Mom

    The Ears of Guilt! That is the proverbial Weim look of “I’m sorry…. NOT” !

    All my Weims have had that look many times.


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