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  1. Dee

    We use a Tagg collar to track our dog when she decides to run away like a petulant teen. It may help. Don’t have anything to suggest for the hair, though. 😉

  2. J G

    uuuuugh……I can relate to this story….every time mine got a chance he was off ans running…..It almost makes you feel like you just don’t do enough for them!!! he has every toy and treat imaginable….but I guess they just like their freedom at times

  3. Rebecca

    My Coco liked to run away so much that she jumped out of a second story window when she saw that it was open. SMH

  4. KTBYX

    I was JUST about to submit a picture of our dog after his runaway attempt yesterday. Know what is smellier than a wire-haired 75 lb dog who has run through/swam in week-old drainage ditch water? NOTHING.

    • Alyson S

      Many years ago we had a dog who loved nothing more than running off to the local knackers yard and rolling around in the entrails! And it was my job to hose him off before he came back into the house!

  5. Charlotte

    My parents had a wire-haired terrier, Patch, who, if given the chance, she would run. She would run into the nearby woods, grocery stores, a nearby hotel (where the chef on duty fed her bacon & sausages). One time she ran away from my parents and they were panic stricken because they didn’t see where she wandered off. About 2 hours later a police squad car pulled up to my parents driveway and both of my parents thought “Oh $h!t! What did HE (my younger brother, who had a tendency to meet the police on several occasions before he was 18) do NOW!” The officers asked my parents if they could come out to the squad car. My mom and dad already had started with “Officers, my son, he really is good boy, he just makes some really dumb choices…” And there was Patch, sitting in back of the squad car looking all sad, forlorn and stinking to high heaven. She was a sweet dog with lots of personality. RIP Patch. 🙂

  6. Gus & Maisie Mom

    Definitely a Wheaten — all terriers need to be fenced or on a lead. They have great chase instincts. I have 2 who will challenge the deer on the other side of the fence, but fortunately come when called. This is a very happy breed – love people, so maybe Bridget was just looking for a new friend to pet her soft coat.

  7. Toni

    Given the chance, my two terriers will bolt (and no dogs are more spoiled!) – They just like to run and explore even if it is dangerous for them!


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