13 Responses to “Butt Pillow”

  1. Trixie

    I think all dog’s like to pit their butts where your face goes! 😛

  2. Painted Doll

    My sister had a dog that did this…always on her husband’s side, and would frequently leave a ‘perfect imprint’ as she put it, ‘All pleated and pretty’ for him…..he was a shocking creature!

  3. Juliet

    My bulldog, Mojo does the same thing to his dad’s pillow every morning after he gets up for work.

  4. Southern Cross

    My pug does the exact same thing. I just hope she doesn’t fart on my pillow.

  5. E

    My bulldog does the same thing. I have even tried putting a decoy pillow on top of my regular pillow – she just pushes that off and puts her butt right where (she feels) it belongs!


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