16 Responses to ““Did I do that?!””

  1. bj

    Well, at least you know her passion 🙂 Buy stock in whoever manufacturers those baseballs!!

  2. Cynthia

    Try a nylabone or a kong. I have an el destructo , too. She is particularly fond of destroying dog beds.

  3. Stan

    You should buy him a black Kong — they’re not actually indestructible, but the Kong company will give you a new one for free if you mail them the shreds (in a little ziplock Baggie)!!

  4. Margo Grace Carr

    My doxis have destroyed the black Kongs, and not just a little bit but completely. If I’d know I could mail it in for another one I would have. Will not that for the future.

    • Stan

      Kong is awesome about free replacements — my pup has jaws of steel! They send me a new black Kong (free replacements!!) every three weeks or so, since early 2009!!!

  5. Pauline

    What a beautiful boofa! Love her expression. Too cute. Love the colouring too (my baby is also brindle so I am a bit biased!).

  6. dee

    want a ball that lasts for a ball destruction expert dog – racket balls – go to a local health club and ask for the ones they’re going to toss – my Jake was the king of ball killers but he could not kill the racket balls and they bounce good and they’re perfect size….

  7. trenna

    Get an unweighted hockey ball. They are usually bright orange and sell them at hockey stores for stick handling practice. Our dog has gotten through everything but that.

  8. Jessica Robinson

    My husky found my old softball glove and he loves to play with that. He can’t get through the leather. It has lasted longer than another toy he has had.


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