14 Responses to “Food stealing comes full-circle.”

  1. Sarah

    We also have a female fawn-colored French Bulldog (Lola) and male English Bulldog (Percival). The photo is freaking me out! Lola doesn’t steal food from babies though; she just wants to crawl into the strollers with them!

  2. Rave

    Oh I know how this is! Two of the dogs next door are noted scrounges and food stealers who’re just the right height to eat from unattended plates and swipe food from small children, and the third (also a major scrounge, but smaller) tries to sit on the floor right between your legs when you’re eating at the table in the hopes you’ll drop something and always has to be moved away. Whenever they see anyone with food, they’re there and staring. One’s been busted before for getting up on a tall table and eating/scattering leftover fried bread dough.

  3. J b

    Have 6 yr old male Frenchie buckewaggz ….. And I live ur post !!!! Absolute fav all time !!! Brilliant and so true !!! Great !!!!!


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