11 Responses to “Freddie is a terrible librarian”

  1. corgi's rock

    Aww, Freddie looks like he’s sorry. And I’m sure he feels bad. He is so darn cute.

  2. Heather

    Oh dear! I hope it can be repaired. Freddie looks like he’d do it again though, lol.

  3. Dee

    Brittanys are very busy dogs….especially as pups. Our French Brittany chewed up five dog beds (including one that was “chew proof”) and the ruffles off our sofa and one of the sofa pillows. She finally grew out of it. Brittanys are great dogs and need lots of love and attention. Freddy is beautiful so enjoy the wonderful years ahead with him, just keep temptation out of his way.

  4. Martha

    You are right – a Brittany is a great dog — once you get beyond the 4 year mark! We would never leave our Lucy alone before that turning point! Be patient!!

  5. Ralph Wood

    Maybe he did not enjoy a mystery novel. As the chief Librarian you need to charge him for the damage.

  6. Ferne Harasimiw

    Tell them dog toys are not fun home alone. Tell them you want real items to play with. Lol

  7. Denise Hofbauer

    Looks just like my Brittany, Sadie except she would be glaring!!! Same collar, too! Great dog!!!


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