9 Responses to “Great Dane Problems”

  1. Donna DeWeese

    Magnus looks so worried! There is this “G.I. paste” I found and I think it is on Amazon, it has yeast extract, lactobacillus, apple pectin and a lot of other nasty sounding things. I have never known it to fail when my dogs have stomach upset. It comes in a giant dosing syringe and is some ugly brown stuff but it works for us.

  2. Dee

    Poor Magnus, he doesn’t look like he feels well at all. He has such a sad and sweet expression on his face.

  3. Stan

    It’s in the official dog handbook – mine does exactly the same thing! In a house with 85% hardwood and tile floors, the ONLY place Mugwump will barf is on my beautiful, expensive, WHITE masterbedroom carpet!!


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