9 Responses to “Henry the Horrible”

  1. Andrea

    yup, he is cute! It’s easy to forgive all their sins when they are so adorable.

  2. Shardelle

    Is Henry TH a cattle dog mix? I have one that looks like him. He’s either an angel or a devil.

    • Susan

      Yes, he’s at least 1/2 Australian Cattle Dog. We’re not sure what else he has in him, other than pumpernickel. 😉

  3. Susan

    He’s a real little darling, we had a heeler, my son has one and our Ringo is part heeler!

  4. susan

    Heelers are the best! Henry has terrible separation anxiety and that’s why he’s such a bad dog, but he’s an amazing family dog. We love him very much. 🙂

  5. Alana

    He looks SO much like our Sabine, who’s also part blue heeler or cattle dog, right down to those eyes. If he’s young, he’ll likely outgrow some of that destructiveness–she has. She’s 10 now, and is the sweetest dog you could ask for.

  6. Christina

    I have a cattle dog/red heeler that has the same ashamed look. He will get better the older he gets but separation anxiety is one of their things because they are so loyal and loving. Lots of exercise will help.


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