11 Responses to “here’s what I think of clean carpets”

  1. Dee

    After shampooing the upstairs and downstairs landings, my dog Max has barfed on the carpet twice in 3 days. Wish he’d learn to go in the bathroom on the tile.

  2. kathye

    what can you do with your older babies.. the ones who never would have thought to do something like that when they were younger… my 14 year old goes outside, then comes in , and sometimes, yup.. you guessed it..

    • Sue Ann Sterkowicz Kainz

      Aw. Same with my 15 year old pugs. They don’t mean it. Actually I think it’s my fault because I acted all superior about never having to deal with baby diapers since I have only furbabies. Karma.

  3. Chana

    I’m so tired of shampooing carpets for the same reason! So I’m pulling all mine out! Don’t know what I’m going to put down next but it sure WON’T be carpet!

  4. Carol

    I put heated tile floors in my living/dining room because of an older dog’s accidents. Best thing I could have done. Now I have easy clean up AND warm floors in winter (a plus in Wisconsin winters!)

  5. Leanna

    New clean sheets and duvet…. Dog puked on it… Clean all again… Crawl into bed…..other dog puked in bed… Lol. Sigh

  6. Madeleine

    Chihuahuas do what ever they feel like doing anyhow don’t they? My neighbor’s dog would always bark back at you when you gave her commands. It usually resulted in her peeing where she wasn’t supposed to. Adorable little dictators.


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