7 Responses to “High Maintenance and Proud of it!”

  1. Keith b

    how we trained my dog we got her. cage with a movable wall and made it barely big enough for her we put her in it 1 night and she knew where she would go if she was bad she hasn’t done it inside

      • Charlotte

        My pup, Popcorn, who looks like these two, would shred the fresh wee wee pads when we would place down & then proceed to relieve herself next to the freshly shredded wee wee pads. We finally got her trained to sit by the door & we know when she does that it means “Momma/Daddy, I gotta go NOW!”

  2. ciara c

    LOL… my pup Oreo is the same way, he pees outside without a problem but when it comes to doing #2, he comes inside our home and goes on our bathroom floor. I guess he needs his privacy.


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