11 Responses to “Humility for the early wake up.”

  1. Nina Carina

    I have one of those, too…behold if the grass is wet, or there is some light rain or a bit of wind…but Chloe sure looks very guilty and I’m sure she won’t hesitate to warm your cold feet 😉 What a cutie!

    • Liz Wilson

      My Doxie hates going on the grass if its wet! Yet I can’t keep him out of a swimming pool or the ocean!

  2. Dee

    What a sad little face. No way to be mad at her for long. She’s a cutie.

  3. dreeby

    haha my pup will ask me to go outside… usually by sitting up, any hour of the day. i take him…. and then he notices it’s raining. “NOPE. no way. back inside please, i didn’t need to pee that bad anyway…”

  4. Corgi's Rock!

    She looks very sorry to have woken you up. Shes a good girl – she didnt want to potty in the house. She’s just darling!

  5. Andrijana OVERTON

    got a boston, no cold, no wet, no wind please! but if he wears a fleece all is ON. bless them. love dogs.XX

  6. Karen Shore Post McCreary

    My chihuahua did that two nights ago….ground was wet, wouldn’t leave the back porch for his evening constitutional….then woke me up at 2:45am because he needed to pee. *sigh* Got to love ’em.

  7. Becky

    We have a Boston, too. She loves to play in the hose and go to the beach, but if it’s raining or if there is a possibility that it might thunder, forget it….She will hold it forever 😉


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