9 Responses to “I ate GRAPES!”

  1. Deborah J Schmidt

    We used to feed our little guy grapes all the time til we found out that they weren’t good for him. Now when we eat them, he wonders why he can’t have them any more. He is around 12 years old!

    • Beth D

      Me too! Used to feed them frozen grapes whenever I’d eat them (which was often). I was so surprised to see them on the “no no” list, and they never got grapes again.

  2. Anne

    Beautiful dog and glad he’s okay! I would have been worried about his digestive health! 😉

  3. Sarah

    It isn’t just bad for dogs digestive health, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs as well. Though I don’t think one single grape in a large dog would do it, but I’m always worrying about my dogs scavenging fallen grapes at my folks’ house.

  4. Karen

    Awwww…poor baby, I’m so glad he is o.k. My dog will steal food every chance he gets. He stole a whole bunch of bananas one night and ate them peels and all. I’ve learned to keep any and all food out of his reach.

  5. Shark Girl

    This exact thing happened with my golden retriever pup, right down to the $1000 vet bill! He’s fine too, in the way that something very expensive has to be fine (and a good example of why he has pet insurance).

  6. Valerie

    Sorry about your dog. I had no idea they were a problem. I always figured it was a choking thing. Glad I read this. (and further researched it.)

  7. jill

    My poodle loves to play with a grape, throwing it up in the air and chasing it around the kitchen floor. Never eats it.


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