12 Responses to “I love bathing so much, I did it twice!”

  1. Michelle

    She is so adorable, but that is a GROSS habit! Peggy– no more poop rolling for you! 🙂

  2. jennifer

    At least Peggy is a little one! If my 125lb and 90lb dogs loved poop like Peggy does and I had to bath them twice I’d be miserable! They have other dog-shaming issues but I’m blessed they don’t <3 poop!

  3. Corgi's Rock

    Peggy looks guilty as can be. Looks like she’d like to do it again.

  4. mvz76

    Miss Peggy is just too adorable to get upset with…that face is so kissable!! But after she’s finished bathing, of course….

  5. Janet Lazor

    My son’s ex-girlfriend had a Chihuahua (black/brown/white) named Bella who ate her own poop plus found her eating rabbit poop. Such a gross habits, but it’s not uncommon . . especially for Chihuahua’s to do so. But I loved Bella so much . . so sorry she and my son broke up. Miss Bella!!!

  6. Smartmouth01

    My Chihuahua (*white*/pink/brown) named Charlie loooooooved goose poop (and dog urine) when we took him for 3 long walks with 3 different members of the family at different times in one day. But he Hated BATHs (and I had to bathe him each time)…I told his little tail “keep playing in that poop (and urine)….u will get the baths on a constant”. I don’t know if he understood…but he did not play in goose poop (or urine)—EVEN POP’d OVER IT with a HOP and a look at me (and a Chihuahua popping over anything is big deal for them)….maybe he had flash backs of the 3 baths in one day. LOL


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