18 Responses to “I missed!!!”

    • shayla

      I second this protestation!
      She’s a GOOD GIRL who was trying to not make a mess on the floor!!
      She gets at least an “A” for trying!

  1. Dixie

    I think she was trying real hard to do a good thing. She just didn’t know “how to hit the target”. I’m sure she has been forgiven b/c she looks so sweet!

  2. Corgi's Rock.

    What a face! I swear it looks like there’s a tear coming out from the right eye. Couldn’t be mad at those eye’s!

  3. george

    We should all be so lucky to have a dig willing to use a litter box! I had a beagle that would go yse the kitchen floor when she couldn’t go outside (because she was hurt) she didn’t want to lee on the carpet.

  4. catie

    I read this a couple of days ago, and last night, for the first time, my dog of 2 weeks peed in (and missed!) the litter box! I couldn’t help but laugh about the coincidence.

  5. Amber Thomas Crawford

    This is my dog and all of you are right! We could not get mad at her! Who could get mad at a face like that!!! She really is the best dog ever!!! We love her so much!!!!


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