10 Responses to “I Pee on my brother”

  1. Molly Nagel

    At least yours are small and easily washable! My 55lb Aussie mix got peed on by his smaller pitbull sister… who squats to pee… because apparently something on the ground was super important and he had to shove his head under her butt at just that moment to investigate. He’s super special.

    • jamie

      my aussie boy does this all the time to my senior Nicky… He can’t wait for her to pee..

  2. bluhare

    He’s gone now but our greyhound would pee on our Jack Russell all the time. And usually it was the JRT’s fault for going to sniff right where Aero was peeing.


    You would think after the first couple of times, he would learn to get out of the way.

    Do the “Duck and Run” !


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