10 Responses to “I’m a lover not a biter”

  1. Coco

    Lol it I have a puppy that wants to be a lover but totally still a teething biter!

  2. Andrea

    He’s putting his paw on the official document and taking the oath! But, I bet he’s got his sneaky little toes crossed behind that sign. This puppy is so adorable – I would put up with his little love bites!!!

  3. Margo Grace Carr

    Always a frustrating to work through. I have an Affenpinscher and an Afghan that don’t “bite” but want to play with their mouths open… so you end up banging into teeth.

  4. Christina

    Oh my! Do I ever feel your pain! I didn’t think my girl and I would ever make it through her mouthy stage! Bless this little pup’s heart. <3 So sweet!

  5. Evelyn

    If that pup is more than 6 months old and still biting mom I think she needs to call a behaviorist because she is not handling that dog right.


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