23 Responses to “Louboutin Shoe Fetish”

  1. Shawn

    He’s just trying to give you an excuse to go buy the newest pair of them! But he does look ashamed…..sort of…..lol

  2. Andrea

    Ah! a dog with expensive taste! Fortunately, one of my dogs has never chewed shoes and the other only chews up cheap flip flops. I’m lucky… but I have had to buy several pairs of flip flops.

  3. Violaine

    Yes, I can rely to that, me 2 dogs ate 3 pairs before I learned the lesson.

  4. stacey

    Actually he looks like he is ready for a nap. Do the louboutin’s have tryptophane like a turkey????

  5. Sarah

    I just threw up. I feel sick for the owner!!! This is why mine are stored high up!

  6. bathehappy

    O. M. G. I would die. Just omg. They are NOT ‘just shoes’ they are Louboutins. Oh man you must looooooooooooove that puppy. This makes me very grateful that the only shoes my dog has ever eaten were some $3 foam flip flops.

  7. MomofMoose

    Perhaps you would like a play date with the “I Ate A Jimmy Choo” who lives in my house?

  8. Rachel Eisenman

    UGH I feel your pain! My foster did the EXACT same thing! 2 pairs of running shoes and then louboutins!! I sent her to the neighbors for 2 hours, couldn’t even look at her without crying.


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