14 Responses to ““Mozart’s Bed””

  1. Jodi Scaife

    My Miki, my only male dog, thinks he should sleep on that side of the bed, too. He doesn’t realize that Mommy controls the horrible alarm clock that is on the bed stand on that side of the bed.

  2. miscriss

    roo’s side is the center of the bed. Makes for cozy evenings…and odd muscle cramps from sleeping in ridiculous positions to accommodate the dog. >.<

  3. PeppersMum

    My girl thinks that laying ACROSS the bed is the only way to go, then once I move her she sleeps on my head…I give up!

  4. Charlotte

    Learned to sleep with my feet propped up on my Brownie years ago and now I can’t sleep any other way!!

  5. Amy

    I’m only 5″4′ and my feet hang off the end of the bed because Sam sleeps on my head stretched out

  6. Faye

    Jasmine (EM) and Maxi (Lab) control the bed-ALL of the bed! I’m just the dangler or the one they use as the cushion for their 260 lbs+ every night. Love those girls 🙂

  7. MadisonPage

    Most night I am sandwiched between a 7 lbs Maltese/Poodle and a 13 lbs Schnauzer/?. The former likes to perch herself on top of the bed; the other at the end of the bed. They are hell bent on not letting me forget where I came from … my mother’s womb!

  8. Heather

    That’s a boxer for you. I kick mine out of bed entirely only to wake up to her pushing me out of bed an hour later.

  9. Grumpy

    Half? That’s 3/4!

    My 9 pound terrier has managed to stake out the same for herself! You start off the night with half the bed and usually end up barely holding on for dear life on the edge of the bed by 2 am. Its hers….everything…bed, pillows, blankets, etc.

  10. catie

    My 19 yr old chi/beagle passed away on saturday and it’s so odd sleeping alone. I have 6 cats and go figure, none want to sleep with me at night :/

    • Jan

      So sorry Catie, I’m sure you have 19 wonderful yrs of memories from your buddy, Been there myself

  11. Ann Y.

    Both my dogs sleep on my bed, but I’m lucky in that they sleep on the other side. Since I’m single, they are lucky that side of the bed is not taken!

    Catie, so sorry for your loss 🙁

  12. Christine

    My dog we had growing up was also named Mozart!! Aw, memories. And a little teary-eyes… He didn’t sleep on the bed though. He wanted to be in the hallway between all the rooms to make sure we were ok.


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