11 Responses to “My Mom Works From Home”

  1. eldochamp

    My 4 70 pound Lab-mix pups come running when I’m on the phone with a friend because I’m usually talking in a friendly voice and laughing. They try to get in my lap.

  2. BellaDancer

    Totally mine too. At the beginning, when Millie barked at me when I was on a Skype conference, I gave her a cookie. Worst mistake I ever made. Now, whenever I talk on the computer or on the phone, she INSISTS that she’s entitled to a treat. I also wave my arms at her and she thinks that’s weird. sigh!

  3. Trixie

    ANY time I’m on a call, my dog cries, lol! If I’m in bed talking or even reading a text, she lays on my chest to block the phone from me.

  4. Susana Wolfe

    Yes, my three labs wait for the exact moment when I am making a presentation on a webinar or conference call to vocalize.

  5. Jayne Brayer

    I’m the one who has to go to another room to make any work calls…Otherwise my 2 shephard mixes bark, growl and play really loud! Sounds like I work at a kennel!

  6. Kandi

    I know this feeling all to well! I have two dogs that apparently feel that me being on the phone means that they should start to play and run laps and bark as loud as they can. I put them in the basement when my phone rings!


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