19 Responses to “Portrait of a pants shredder.”

  1. Linda

    I’m more likely to wash said pants, leaving a mushy mess of treats (and most likely poop bags….un-used thankfully) in the machine once the load is finished.

  2. Rocky

    He was just trying to make sure no bugs or nothing got in your pocket because of the treats. Good looking out

  3. mia

    my husband’s unit put a cherry pie in his pocket for his first airborne jump and of course it smushed everywhere and our pup got to clean out the pocket but now my hubby has to keep his pants put away lol.

  4. Roz

    I lost a pocket in my (expensive, all weather) walking jacket in exactly the same way. It was hanging up and my dog is big!


    He was doing his job !

    It was a dog treat, meant for him, you did not give it to him, so he gave it to himself.

    Job well done !

  6. Mimi

    Is that a rawhide lace holding the Sign of Shame? Man, you are livin’ on the edge!

  7. EBY

    My corgi went through Daddy’s brand new Carhartt coat pockets to get the treats. No more pockets!

  8. Mims

    What do you expect ?? A dog will obviously go all out for his ‘treat’. Don’t put such things in your pockets – give them to the dog…..

  9. Ron

    Yup, I have a couple of jackets with holey pockets. Because of a beagle. Most of the time I bring his treats (can’t go out without treats) in a chalk bag, like they use for rock climbing.

  10. Purpledog

    A teaching moment. Guess you won’t forget treats in your pocket again, will you? Poor thing. To think of all the work he went through to rescue that lonely, abandoned treat all alone in the dark!


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