17 Responses to “Rowdy’s Guilty Pleasure”

    • Lisa

      Rowdy licks the couch. Not his crotch. Though he probably does that too! 🙂

  1. Pam Pringle

    So does my baby girl. You just need a towel to lay on. What a cutie you are.

  2. Jordan

    My 65lb golden retriever/collie mix does that too. Usually on the spots his people like to sit on.

  3. Sarah

    My English Bulldog, Daisy licks everything! The walls, floor, her bed, people and the sofa. We had to put a piece of plexiglass in the sides to stop her. She still tries to snake her tonge around the sides.
    Our othe bully, Tyler use to suck on everything.

  4. Lesa

    Our male Miniature Dachshund does this too. We say he can’t hold his locker. 🙂

  5. Jessica

    I think it’s the material of the couch. My parents have the same type couch it looks like you have and my chihuahua licks their couch incessantly. We have a leather couch and she no longer feels a need to lick the couch.

  6. Cathy R

    All three of my chihuahuas lick fabric- the couch, throw pillows, my blue jeans…

  7. jennifer

    My 125# Rottie mix LOVES to lick the couch….It has a sheet cover and the couch is his now….


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