18 Responses to “Sometimes being odd is what makes us special”

  1. Doreene

    Grimm??? His name should be GRIN!! Cuz THAT is what he made ME do!! What a great pup!

  2. Brenda

    Grimm is just sitting where he’s flat. Hilarious. What a beautiful bulldog.

  3. Juliet

    My English Bulldog sits like that once and a while. Must be a Bully thing!

  4. Kpupfly

    One of my dogs sits like this all the time, it cracks me up. Grimm is adorable & entertaining

  5. mea culpa

    two things… Grimm = GREAT name!!!!!!! and also bwha hahahah hah! What a funny guy! Love it!

  6. Tonya

    My mastiff sits that way too. Especially when she’s on the couch next to me. I call it her Big Girl pose.. and then call her a hussy cause she’s flashing all her *parts*.


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