8 Responses to “That hit the spot…”

  1. Sorrel Dryden

    We’re convinced our dog thinks she’ll be in more trouble if she pees/poops on the floor instead too.

  2. Stan

    Clearly he’s been reading the official dog handbook — always be sure to poop/barf on something expensive and hard to clean! Just say no to tile, linoleum and wood!!

  3. Sally

    In the hallway of my apartment building, workmen had laid down a long, wide strip of heavy paper in order to protect the carpet. My dog had an attack of loose poo. Do you think he made it to the paper? He did not. By six inches.

  4. Melissa Dracoules

    Always the carpet because most dogs won’t poop on hardwood/tile floors where they can’t get a good enough grip to squat without their legs slipping and falling over!


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