27 Responses to “The bleach incident”

  1. W

    He is soooo cute!!.. So glad none of it got on him or in him!!!.. Woof Woof!

  2. Andrea

    Thank goodness he didn’t ingest any of it! spotted pink carpet?? sounds like this fella might have been an artist in a previous life!!!

  3. celia

    such remorse! i’m sooooo sooorrryy mom. i thought the bottle looked like it might attack at any moment, so I saved us.

  4. jennifer

    Sooooo…who put the bleach near the stairs?! I’m thinking Joey isn’t to blame here! 😉 Like my friends often say my Maizy must be thinking when I leave food on the counter “It’s Mom’s fault for expecting me to behave!”

    • Nay

      Couldn’t agree more, Jennifer. But owning two beagle boys myself has taught me that the unexpected happens with regularity. Joey strikes me as a canine Jackson Pollack! Make some money from him …

  5. timbo65

    be thankful JOEY didn’t eat the jug !! if he’s anything like my Beagle “Molly-dog” he eats
    EVERYTHING …. Joey looks like he’s been shamed … I think he’s learned a lesson…

  6. Monibox

    ~ I smell a set up!!! Maybe Mommy wanted new carpet and threw the poor pooch under the bus? ::D Uh-huh, we’re on to you Mommy! Lol (He’s a cutie <3)

  7. Cori

    Aww! He looks so sorry 🙂 We have two beagles ourselves, “Lexi” and “Indi”…they are just as mischevious as Joey seems to be. The thing about beagles is, even when they have done something really exasperating, they are so darn cute they get out of it every time!

  8. RebMil

    Get a Sharpie in a color that matches your carpet and color in the dots.

    Sweet doggie! Glad he didn’t swallow any bleach.

  9. Janet C

    It is only bleach and it is only carpet. This sweetie looks innocent. I think the carpet probably needed a good cleaning anyway or just a cover up with a rug that covers up the stain. Hug the dog and forgive him.

  10. Lori

    Aww, he really does look sorry! Glad he is OK!!! Carpet can be replaced but furry friends cannot. 🙂

  11. Beth

    You can try fabric paint and a brush to try to paint the spots the correct color.

  12. Pinta's People

    Don’t worry about the carpet, Joey, As long as there is a closet or two almost all spots can be cut out and patched! Unless you tracked bleach through the whole house And if you did track through the whole house – Well heck have mom get a paint brush and splatter a little more over the rest of it, so it all matches!

  13. george

    Yep, once they get older the want more attention. As far as they are concerned, you can never give them enough attention.

  14. ArtsMcBeags

    Beagles have the saddest “i’m so sorry” face ever!! My little guy gets in trouble sometimes and I just can’t stay angry at him because he gives me that same face!!!


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