6 Responses to “The Faces of Stink”

  1. mvz76

    “Those that stink together…stay together!”
    They look like they don’t know WHY no one likes skunk fragrance!! LOL!

  2. KrisB

    Skunks hibernate, so that was a very special happening! I often wonder how dogs, with their incredible sense of smell, are able to deal with the incredible intensity of skunk spray. These two obviously can handle it with ease. How cute their stinky faces are!

  3. G Kroon

    I bet they just wanted to play. Dogs don’t have the same ideas about smells as we do. Like when they role in ewwww.

  4. Caroline

    Just curious, do you know what breed the black dog is? My dog (named Zoe, funnily enough!) looks SO much like her, and no one can seem to agree on what mix she is!


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