18 Responses to “This boot’s not made for walking … thanks to Copper.”

  1. Dr. ABC

    This is one of the most beautiful shots of a dog and its victim on this website.

  2. KrisB

    Copper just can’t stop looking at the boot. He knows he did wrong, the sweet pooch!

  3. Kpupfly

    He looks really sorry, and that he might to take a few more bites. He is too cute

  4. circuscats

    the angle of the pic looks like there could be a leg in those boots…. as if cooper caused more issues then chewed boots!

  5. Katherine Basiliere

    He is just protecting your feet from those insanely high heels! Good Boy!

  6. foster mommy

    i was fostering a doxie, she chewed a hole right at the ankle seam, so my shoe cobbler put a patch on them, now they’ re super cute & one-of-a-kind!! he also replaced lots of chewed heels,i have lots of unique shoes now, he’s a really good shoe cobbler. foster dog found home, the only thing she was sorry about was she missed a few pairs. lol!!

  7. Allison Lane

    Beagles are never as sorry as they look. Take it from someone who knows ……

  8. Lexie

    What kind of dog is this???? She looks just like my dog, and we have no idea what she is!! Is Copper a beagle mixed with another breed? I would love to know!


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