13 Responses to “This is so embarrassing!”

  1. nikki g.

    my doggie love cat poop too. super gross…especially when she greets me with cat litter kisses. yuck!

  2. Lisa

    Everything about this picture kills me, in the best possible way — but especially those little precious feet!

  3. Babs

    Once when I was house-sittng, it took me several days to make the connection between the empty litler box & the dog’s bad breath. I thought the cat pooped outside.

  4. lred

    So cute, but I don’t think she’s hiding shame, I thinks she’s trying to hide her guilty giggles.

  5. Alice

    I’ve never known a dog that DIDN’T eat cat poop! THey consider it a delicious delicacy. As a result, whenever I see an ad for, or a reference to, “Gourmet dog food,” I giggle hysterically.

    I heard a really gross story while visiting the Arctic involving dogs and poop that I’m not going to share. Nothin’ to do with cat poop, though.


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