16 Responses to “Um… woof?”

  1. leanna

    oh but Gerome is handsome!!! lol. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats…..I think the damage to my house is about even from both sides 🙂 but still they can do no wrong 🙂

  2. EmmiZ

    That is one good looking cat there! He’s got such a dog-like expression on his face too!

  3. Kate

    Gotta love the snowshoes! I have one who is clearly confused on canine v. feline identity as well–he begs for belly rubs and plays fetch. Must be a ‘shoe thing.

  4. Jolyre70

    Gerome is gorgeous! He even has the slightly guilty look of a dog which I didn’t know cats were capable of!

  5. Ellie

    very cute, and seems to like bread and jelly, my cat had a sweet tooth too! Loved crumb cake, have no idea why!

    • Lynn

      I don’t think that’s jelly. That’s the crust side of the bread end. Country Harvest Grain loaf of some sort, if the bag is to be believed. Looks like Gerome pulled the bread bag out of the garbage AND pulled the bread out of that. Ingenious dog-cat!


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