8 Responses to “600 Thread Count Puggle”

  1. LauraC

    We have a set of 600 thread count sheets that somehow ripped while my husband was turning over one night. Since my dog, Truck, likes to lay on the sheets, we put the ripped sheet in his crate, along with the other blankets in there that he lays on (re-arranges and chews on) while we’re gone.

  2. Katherine

    Were your sheets from COSTCO? My senior beagle likes to munch on mine ever so infrequently, and I always forget she does until I find the top sheet with a few quarter-sized holes in it! And she’s not even my bad beagle! lol

  3. jodi

    Do puggles express shame? Mine just looks at me like she’s innocent and the bathroom exploded in toilet paper itself or the poop magically appeared on the rug or whatever she gets into


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