8 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Cooper”

    • DeannaR

      Our Schipperke is a hoarder. Actually it’s a gene that has been passed down from back when all dogs were wild. Back when domestic dogs were pack animals, had to hunt hard for food that was often scarce, fight the good fight over their catch or another’s catch, and do it all again the next time hunger struck. It’s why dogs often burry bones/meals/toys/etc. as well. The interesting thing is the gene typically only shows up as a strong personality trait in dogs that exemplify a variety of other traits of their breed that have been long since been ‘omitted from typical breed standard’ through the breeding process for show purposes.

  1. jodi

    Our pug mix hides things in her kennel. But they’re usually chewed up and always something she’s not supposed to have. Maybe she could learn some manners after reading this!


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